Matt Lieto

Triathlon, Road/Gravel Cycling, Trail Running Coach and Cycling Adventure Specialist.

Matt has years of experience as professional triathlete, cyclist, commentator for Ironman World Championship Events, as well as being a seasoned coach. Matt’s journey into the endurance realm is more similar to that of the “every man” or age-grouper than most pros as he was overweight and not very athletic in his early life, peaking out at over 250 lbs. The upside of that journey is that he has a good perspective on what it takes to become a great athlete from nothing and understands being an athlete isn’t something you are born with, it’s earned.

On top of having experience at the top level of professional triathlon, Matt prides himself on continually stretching his comfort zone and having success in road and gravel racing, trail running, mountain biking, and other forms of adventure. Through these other disciplines Matt has found a more satisfying balance to his training and is inspired to motivate his clients to try new, and sometimes scary things to improve themselves overall athletically and personally.