Eric Glaus

Coach E has been active in endurance racing and research since 1987 and is the old guy at The Endurance Collaborative. He comes to us with B.S. Exercise Science from the University of Utah. It is there, and as a challenge from professors, that he developed and instructed a multisport training course that continues to this day. In 2002 he became a “Certified Medical Exercise Specialist.”

To broaden his array of sport even further, he took a 2 year break from triathlon and focused on ultra running. He has completed Wasatch 100 miler, a very dicey double grand canyon solo crossing, and a few Sea to Summit runs up Haleakala Crater. Eric has competed in an astounding 29 Ironman distance triathlons and along the way qualified for that little thing in Kona 13 times (Ironman World Championships). While living 15 years in Hawaii he developed “Pacific Fitness Design” and coached many fun athletes to become their best.

Eric’s coaching philosophy: He approaches the athlete as a whole of lifetime experiences and skills that can become better and stronger with the correct methodology of training. He realizes coaching and developing athletes is not a static process or template, but a moving, evolving target as they progress. His “training that makes sense” approach keeps folks healthy, motivated and moving forward to achieve their best for a lifetime of performance. Condensed to three simple words his mantra is “DESIGN, DISCIPLINE, DETERMINATION.”